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If you are serious about improving your health through weight-loss and fat-loss, you need a clinical grade weight-loss plan. We carry a proud history of helping 200,000 individuals improve their health through weight loss. One on one consultation gives you an extremely customized weight loss plan that is unique to your requirements.

Work directly and exclusively with Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Emily.

Meet the Experts

Our family has been in practice since Dr. Vinod Dhurandhar opened our first clinic in 1967. In a field where fads come and go quickly, we have maintained our practice for nearly 50 years for one reason: we get results. For nearly 50 years, more than 200,000 individuals – people from all walks of life – have turned to us because our family is trusted and known for getting serious results when it comes to weight management.

When people MUST have serious weight management results, they turn to the Dhurandhar family.

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For intensive weight-loss needs, work one-on-one with our expert nutritionist, and follow one of the most effective science-based programs ever created.


Initial Evaluation

Start your weight loss journey with an initial evaluation appointment via video chat (Zoom, Skype, etc.). We will work with you to understand your specific case including your goals, lifestyle, preferences, and health history.

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Get Your First Diet Plan

Meet with Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar and Dr. Emily Dhurandhar to get your first diet plan for weight management. Your plan will be personalized for your lifestyle preferences and health requirements.


Personalised Diet Planning

In between follow-up appointments, you have unlimited access to us via WhatsApp and email, so we can best support you and ensure your weight loss program stays on track.

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Ongoing Support

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Transform your weight with the Dhurandhar Clinic

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What our clients say

Aamir Khan


I am so happy with the way things are going, because it’s not been even 2 months yet and my body fat is 18.4%. It was 27% before starting with Dr Dhurandhar and I am looking forward to the next few months to get where I wanted to be with my fitness level. Professional help does make huge a difference, and Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Emily are so good with what they do.
Sukhdip Singh
“The diets Dr Dhurandhar created were very helpful in achieving the body look I needed for Thugs of Hindosthan. In addition, I count on his expertise for a sound nutritional health. “
Fatima Sana-Shaikh
What I learned from is how do I portion out my food? One can always be sitting in this misconception that they don’t eat much, and you may not be eating much, but, what you are eating is also key.
Dr. Priya Krishen
Dr. Nikhil understood my food habits, patterns, likes, and dislikes, and formulated the diet that would take those into account, and patiently answered all my questions from time to time during the program. In addition to meeting my goals at the end of the program, I also gained valuable knowledge that I can use for coming months and hopefully years for my continued weight management.
What I liked about Dhurandhar Weight Management is the combination of their knowledge of both India and the West. For example, I was very surprised that the simple exercise they suggested—walking—has helped me so much. This is not commonly known in India.
Charmi D.
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Anish Quenim
New Zealand

Get extraordinary weight-loss results with the Dhurandhar Clinic.