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Get access to the Fat-Loss Diet online platform created based on Dr. Dhurandhar’s scientific weight loss method (CAP-LMT). This method helps you lose weight with minimal changes to your lifestyle!

Start Your Fat-Loss Journey!

Welcome to Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat-Loss Diet! Your Fat Loss Diet Plan is a weight loss meal plan that’s customized to your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences.

Your Fat-Loss Diet Plan will tell you exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat for every single meal and snack.

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5. Your estimated weight-loss/fat-loss range.

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Here's what you get:

Immediate access

Immediate Access to a Personalised Fat-Loss Diet Plan

24/7 Support

24/7 WhatsApp contact with Expert Dieticians

Exclusive Tips

Exclusive Fat-Loss Tips from Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar and Dr. Emily Dhurandhar

Multiple Diet Plans

A Brand New Fat-Loss Diet Plan Every Two Weeks.

Join 2,00,000 Successful Clients

The most fundamental principle that both Dr. Dhurandhar senior and junior follow is that they are not just giving you a diet for fat loss, their diet also addresses any health issues you may have like high cholesterol, high BP, diabetes, etc. So, the fat loss program is centered around good health
Aamir Khan
Star of "Dangal"
I was so pleased to slowly see results that I’m losing weight while still eating everything I would normally if didn’t undertake this diet plan. It changed me mentally and physically. I truly am more than delighted to see the results and undertake such a impactful plan that helped me achieve what I desired.
Akshay Patel
lost 14 kgs in 12 weeks
After some time in the program, I now have good energy levels, although it has been challenging to reduce ghee and not drink full-cream milk. This is only in the short term. My key to success is to be honest and follow guidance provided by Dr. Nikhil. If you are considering joining, certainly join.
Charmi D.

Simple to follow:

Who should follow this diet plan?

Dr. Dhurandhar's Fat-Loss Diet Plan is ideal for anyone who:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after I order?
After you place your order, you will get to choose what foods to include your diet plan.  Then, we will instantly generate a diet plan that is perfectly adjusted to match your calorie and nutrition requirements for optimal fat-loss.

When do I get my diet plan?
Immediately after purchasing you will be able to adjust the fat-loss diet plan to match your taste requirements.

What if I have questions?
After you get your diet plan, you can easily make an appointment to speak to a dietician, or simply send us a WhatsApp message.  We are available to answer your questions 24/7.

Will I follow the same diet plan the entire time?
No!  Every two weeks, you can change the foods that are in your diet plan.  This can be done completely on your own, or you can make an appointment with a dietician for assistance.