Lose Weight Without Making Big Changes to Your Eating Habits

By following precise, individualized recipes, your body automatically gets the perfect nutrient ratio it needs to reduce body-fat and improve health.

How it Works

Follow your usual eating habits - and still lose weight.

#1 Create your account

Enter some basic information about yourself that allows Small Changes to target your specific calorie requirements and give you recommendations on ideal meal options.

#2 Pick your meal options

Choose from a variety of meal options that are designed to fit into your regular food lifestyle. You can even choose from a variety of restaurant options.

#3 Get your recipes

Get your personalized, powerful, balanced recipes that will get your body to start burning fat.

#4 Update your recipes

Enter your weight (online), so your recipes can adjust themselves if needed. Or every two weeks freshen up your change plan with new recipes.

#5 Get your result

Not only can you lose a clinically significant amount of weight, but you will also have the lifelong knowledge and tools to help you keep it off.

Our Features

Small Changes gives you weight-loss recipes that match your tastes, habits, and lifestyle. So you can follow your usual eating habits - and still lose weight.

Follow Personalized Recipes To Start Weight Loss Immediately

You choose the foods you prefer, and you get a recipe with ingredients in the perfect amounts to match your nutrition needs – and reduce weight.

Learn Practical Lessons To Keep It Off

Alongside your meal plan, over four phases, you will learn simple and practical lessons that help you lose weight and improve your health without compromising on your quality of life.
Now, and forever.

Get Help From Experts Whenever You Need It

At any time, you can message a Change-Coach: an expert who can help you get the best results possible from your program.